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Welcome to our Home page.



Registrations are now open for our Summer and Fall 2017 programs for children and adults with special needs.

If this is your first time registering yu will need to establosh an account. Please go to log in and follow the directions.




We are here to encourage an active lifestyle, and provide an environment where every individual is accepted and respected.

We are here to encourage those who come to watch, those who want to join in, and those who want to learn and progress. 

All our classes are adapted to fit the needs of the EVERY individual who attends, and groups are organized to provide the best experience possible with maximum comfort.





Simply email Graham Smith at


RSC Westchester is a 501 C3 not for profit organization whose mission is to provide movement and fitness programs for those with Special Needs in Westchester County, NY and surrounding areas.

Our goal with our programs is to provide a warm and inviting environment, where individuals may come to express themselves, exercise, socialize and learn.

Professional instructors guide the classes who have experience working with individuals with Special Needs. Volunteers will also be on hand to engage and assist.

RSC Westchester has an alliance with The NY Red Bulls and Greenburgh United for our soccer programs.